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“Missing” was released in February, 2018. It was produced by Mark Hallman at The Congress House Studio in Austin. The 11 tracks on the record include six songs about historical figures, five of which went missing and one that was executed. There are two songs that are more personal in nature, and one about the Santa Rosa fires in October of 2017. There are also two solo instrumental pieces on the record.¬† I am compiling each song’s lyrics here, along with notes about the writing process, recording credits and other miscellaneous thoughts.

If you have questions about any of the songs, feel free to to leave comments at the bottom of the page.¬†Below are links to the pages for each song (I am in the process of adding content to these pages, so if you don’t see lyrics for a particular song, check back shortly).

The Way To Z (Percy Fawcett)

The Place I Call Home (Everett Ruess)

Dan Cooper (D.B. Cooper)

Woodview (Instrumental)

Virginia Dare (The Lost Colony)

Amelia (Amelia Earhart)

The Price of Truth (Giordano Bruno)

Five Fingers (instrumental)

Beautiful Bird

Santa Rosa’s Skies

The Life We Left Behind



















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