Winner at Songwriter Serenade 2019

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I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners at this year’s Songwriter Serenade in Moravia, Texas, along with first place winner Justin Farren and other winners Scott White, Wyatt Espalin, Daniel Neihoff, Kyle Donovan and Kora Feder. Semi-finalists were Hilary Adamson, Helene Cronin, Teghan Devon, Jackson Emmer, Claudia Gibson, Keith Larsen, John Statz and Alicia Stockman. Songwriter Serenade is an annual three day event put on by Tom McDaniel, who has given this incredibly generous gift to the singer-songwriter community. Here we all are on the morning after the contest, back at the ranch (literally) with the judges Susan Gibson, Mary Bragg and Sam Baker (mentor) for a workshop and individual critique sessions — the thing that so significantly distinguishes this contest from any other similar event that I know of. Walt Wilkins was also a judge, but had to leave Sunday morning for a gig in Luckenbach. At the contest on Saturday May 4, held in the community hall in Moravia, I performed “Paradise At Last” and “Invisible” in the semi-finals and “The Place I Call Home” in the final round. There were between 250-300 people in attendance and, except for during a couple breaks, you could hear a pin drop.

The workshop on the morning after with Sam Baker, Susan Gibson and Mary Bragg
Onstage at Songwriter Serenade in the community hall in Moravia, Texas

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