Scott Martin

Photo by Peter Figen

“Scott Martin plays guitar like Richard Thompson, sings like James Taylor, and writes songs like Jackson Browne.” — Jaimee Harris

Scott Martin of Austin, Texas is a native of the northwest. He is a veteran singer-songwriter whose songs, rich voice and virtuosic, multiple-tuning acoustic guitar stylings will take you on a journey you will not forget.

Scott Martin’s new album “Missing — Songs for the Lost, Loved & Unforgotten” has been produced, mixed and mastered by Mark Hallman, owner of The Congress House Studio in Austin. The album features a song cycle about historical missing persons such as Amelia Earhart, DB Cooper, Everett Ruess, Virginia Dare, Percy Fawcett, as well as 16th century “science martyr” Giordano Bruno. Also in the lineup are several more personal songs about letting go, what might have been, and finding redemption after loss — such as “Santa Rosa’s Skies,” which is about the fires that ravaged Northern California in October of 2017.

Scott was a touring and recording session musician in Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s. In addition to touring with Lynda Carter, he wrote and played guitar on “Ariana,” which was released in 1984 on Kazu Matsui’s album “Is That The Way To Your Heart.” Ariana was the single from that record that charted nationwide in the US and in Japan. Scott also sang as a session vocalist on numerous TV and film soundtracks as well as commercials for radio.

In 1991 Scott self-released his first album “Scott Martin” on cassette. In 1993 he was signed to the independent label Roughrider Records in Los Angeles to record an album that was produced by Bob Mann, a guitarist who recorded and toured with James Taylor. Jimmy Johnson played bass on that project and Valerie Carter sang background vocals. The album was recorded, but unfortunately it was never released by Roughrider.

In the last twenty years plus Scott has continued to write songs, but until his 2017 collaboration with Mark Hallman he had not released a record in way too long. This magical project more than makes up for that drought. In 2016 and 2017, when Scott began doing live performances again, Austin audiences took notice.

With the release of “Missing” Scott is now performing at clubs and house concerts in the Northwest, and will be formally releasing “Missing” in Austin in April 2018.

Musicians joining Scott on “Missing” include Mark Hallman on various instruments and vocals, Mitch Watkins on guitar, Matt Bissonette (bassist with Elton John), Scott Laningham on percussion, Brian Mann on piano and accordion, Ed Berghoff on mandolin, and Gregory “Harpo” Hilfman on piano and keys.